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About Jay Malinowski

name: Jay Malinowski
image: thumb
caption: Jay Malinowski (c/o Erica Chan)
background: solo singer
Birth date: birth year and age|1982
birth place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
instrument: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano
genre: Indie, Folk, Rock, Reggae
occupation: Musician, Artist
years active: 2001–present
label: Stomp Records, Dine Alone Records, SideOneDummy Records, Pirates Blend, Sony Music
associated acts: , , The End Tree, , ,
Jay Malinowski (born 1982) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, visual artist and writer. He was born in Montreal, Quebec, and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is best known as the vocalist and guitarist for reggae group Bedouin Soundclash.